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Internet call or VoIP (Voice-over Internet protocol) is known as the protocol that optimized for a transmission voice through out the Internet access.

This technology is the best alternative for people that wish to makefree international calls using internet phone servicefree or cheap international calls and to save on their phone bill. Businesses can also save up to 80% on their monthly phone bill by switching to a voip service for business.

The interesting thing about voip is there's more than one way to communicate cheaply. There are three different methode to make free internet phone calls in common use today.

PC to PC : This type of voice over IP is enabled through the use of certain specialized softphone such as (Adphone, Voipbuster, Skype...) that can be installed on 2 computers (the caller and the receiver). There is a requirement of Broadband Internet connectivity, ADSL or cable modem, microphone and speakers to both ends.

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PC to Phone : Use of ATA (analog telephone adaptor), the ATA enables connectivity of a standard phone to the computer and the Internet connection for use with VoIP.

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Phone To Phone : Now users, who own a mobile phone and have access to data using GPRS ,3G or Wi-Fi connection can use VoIP over mobile this technologie beginning to become very popular. There are numerous VoIP applications available that can be used with certain phones ( Iphone, Blackberry, Android , ...) to reduce their local or international call rates, use VoIP in mobile phone is 10 to 20 times cheaper than all above media of mobile communication, especially for long distance international calls.

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For businesses our goal ModoPhone.com is to review and compare VoIP providers to help you choose the best VoIP solution for your specific phone needs.

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- How to use Mobile VoIP to achieve free call phone from your cell phone to onther for free.

- How To Find VOIP Providers That Have What You Need for your businesses.

- Learn about all the IP telephony hardware requirements for your VoIPVoIP solutions such as gatways (routers).