Free International call via internet with VoIP

You know that most people can not tell you how to make free international calls via internet. If you make International Long Distance Calling , and do not yet have Internet phone service, you are probably spending too much money. International calls are at a lowest rate with most VoIP providers, with an average of .05 cents per minute! . If you have any friends or relatives abroad, and want to save money by making free long distance Calls .

So How Can I Make international Calls for Free?

There is a range of free VOIP software on the internet. A well know one is Mobivox where users can make 10 min calls to landlines and mobiles for free or a fee but call each other for free.

Ok so you see the limitation here. To get free calls the person you wish to contact also needs to be a user of the same service. Whilst this is true, there are ways of obtaining very low cost calls through a number of providers. This said, the free services like Skype are well worthwhile for someone who wishes to experiment at no cost.
Service Providers
Gizmo-projet is major VoIP providers are also offering services. With gizmo-projet you can Make free international calls phone to mobile and landline phones in more than 60 countries participating in the All Calls Free plan .
There are many others some of which I have listed below with no particular bias:

VoipBuster : offers free calls phone to any regular land-line in various popular destinations

• AOL Internet Phone Service

Jajah : Make webcalls using a normal phone (without PC) the most popular country in the World.

• NetAppel :300 minutes per week of free international call via internet.

VoIP is an emerging technology with much more to come in the future. Why not enjoy free international calls and peer phone calls in the meantime.