How to use google talk android app ?

Google Talk in your Android device

After having received many questions about how to use google talk android ? and since google doesn't even develops gtalk app for android, here are a few key solutions that will help you to use Google Talk in your Android device includes an application that allows you to Video/Voice Chat with your friends over instant messaging.

how to use google talk android

Follow the instructions to use gtalk on android phones

1. Download this Zip file Google Talk free to your phone's root location on the phone's SD card.

2. Download and install ROM Manager [Market Link].

3. Launch ROM Manager and tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and choose your device. This will install a custom recovery on your phone which you will be needing after a moment. Your phone will now reboot.

4. After the automatic rebooting, launch ROM Manager once again and tap on Reboot Into Recovery.

5. Your phone will now reboot into ClockworkMod recovery mode*. Using your phone's volume up/down keys and the home button, scroll down to wipe cache partition > yes - wipe cache. Similarly, navigate to advanced > wipe dalvik cache > yes - wipe dalvik cache. Go back to main menu using power/lock button.

6. This is the most important step: scroll down to install zip from sd card > choose zip from sd card > The hacked Gtalk app will now be flashed to your phone. After flashing, reboot system now.

7. If you followed the guide correctly, you can now launch the Google talk by Tap "Talk" on the Home screen.

How to start and enable video chat on your Android smartphone using GTalk

When you start a voice or video chat, your friend receives a pop-up invite and a Talk notification. Or, if a friend is asking you to voice- or video-chat, you see the pop-up. Touch the Accept button to begin talking. The person you're talking with appears in the big window, and you're in the smaller window. With the connection made and the invite accepted, you can begin enjoying video chat.

video chat on your Android smartphone using GTalk

The controls atop the screen may vanish after a second; touch the screen to see the controls again. To end the conversation, touch the X (Close) button.

DISCLAIMER: Proceed with caution and at your own risk. Redmond Pie is not to be held responsible for any loss of data as a result of you following this tutorial.

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