Mobivox: Free local and international calls from your mobiles

A low cost voice telephony service that's easily accessible from any mobile phone has just been launched by Mobivox. There's no downloads or software to install.


Once you've set yourself up as a Mobivox user, all you do is call a local phone number. You will hear the dulcet tones of the Voxgirl ( a voice recognition service). She then connects your call to any number you like ? as long as you have enough credit.

The neat trick is that you can import all of your existing Skype contacts into Mobivox. Calls from Mobivox to Skype are free. So all you pay is the cost of the local call.

Although Mobivox is still officially in beta there are loads of neat facilities. You can check 'presence', for example, to see if one of your Skype contacts is actually online. If they aren't you can call their mobile phone instead.

Another feature which impresses the INQ is the ability to hand-over a mobile call. Say you're speaking to some-one on you mobile and you then arrive home. It's then possible to divert that call away from your mobile and onto you home land line.

How to calls

A- By your phone


1 Call your local access number

2 VoxGirl recognizes your number, and asks you who you want to call

3 Say the name of the person you wish to call or simply dial the phone number. Talk

B-By your PC


1 Log on to your MOBIVOX account and access your contact book

2 Select who you want to talk to and on which phone you want to be connected

3 MOBIVOX will call and connect you both

MOBIVOX Works with any phone
From any mobile
10 min free calls to any
Free and unlimited Skype™ calls
No download on your PC or your mobile
Works with ANY phone
Online status of contacts
No SkypeIn required
No PC required

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